waiting for you. {San Francisco Newborn Photographer}

A beautiful little family and a beautiful story. Most parents just have to wait a long 9 months for their little joy's to arrive - this family waited years. Lots of paperwork, lots of waiting and lots of patience, and finally in 2012 they were connected with their son's birth parents, who came to them through an open adoption agency all the way across the United States in Florida.  And the most unique part of this story is that not only did they meet their sons birth parents but they started a relationship with them - falling in love with them as much as their soon to be son. They met them first and got to know them first and built a foundation for this little boy as a whole unit, together. And together they waited with lots of patience again as this baby was being made. This is a relationship that will continue through his life and he will grow to know his entire family and he will know his entire story and all the people that love him.

Such a unique and wonderful way to bring a baby into this world. Thank you for sharing your story and thank you for having me over to capture the story through my lens. Welcome Baby Ace - everyone has been waiting for you.