children portraits

smiles from oregon - Tilden Park - {Bay Area Family Photographer}

It was so wonderful to meet this family who came all the way from Oregon! Mia was so full of smiles, giggles and fun. We decided to do their family shoot at Tilden Park in Berkeley in the Botanical Garden, it was beautiful. I loved all the different little pathways through the gardens and all the flowers, such a perfect spot to capture this sweet bond between this family. Thank you for flying out for all those smiles.

running free - Presidio, Lovers Lane - {Bay Area Family Photographer}

oh to be have the energy to just run and run and run...and not even be out of breath. Loved shooting this sweet family again in the Presidio by the troll bridge (what this 5 year old told me they called it) aka Lover's Lane trail in the Presidio. I loved capturing this family's energy with one another and then just letting their kids be kids with Dad playing pretend with his daughter and letting her just run free. So nice to see, no structure, no forced smiling, just letting them be them. Thanks for having me there, I felt like I was spying on the perfect family day!