Letters to Emmalyn - Three years young

Dear Emma,

I know every year I will probably say it, but I can't believe you are three. This year has been so much fun with you - the last year we'll have as just the three of us...any day your little brother will be coming into this world to meet you. We are so excited to watch you both grow up together and be buddies. Just finished a painting for your room "because of you, I will always have a friend." I hung it up and you immediately took notice and said, "oh thats beautiful mommy." You take so much notice in the everyday little things, I love that about you. You have so much song and dance in you too, watching you sing and dance makes my heart so full. There is so much that makes you into my feisty, independent, strong-willed, persistent, happy and loving little girl. May you always know how much I love you as our family grows. Looking forward to this next chapter with so much anticipation but also wanting to hold on to these fleeting moments with you as a toddler. 

Love you sweet girl, xo Mommy

Three year old fun facts1. What you love the most right now: Dress up. You also love picking out your own clothes everyday (Mommy no longer has a wardrobe say.) You still have such a love for your books, your purses, baby dolls & recently sleeping with Presley.  2. Favorite food right now: cheese...and ice cream (our favorite Friday tradition, pizza night followed by soft serve.) 3. Your favorite saying right now: "What we going to do today Mommy," "WHY???" - I must hear "why" 200 times a day 4. Favorite quote: I told her we were going to carve the pumpkin and then put a candle in it, she looked at me and said "And then we sing Happy birthday?" 5. You are 33lbs and 38" high. 6. Favorite song: Wagon Wheel, Twinkle Twinkle, & Ba Ba Blacksheep 7. One of my favorite moments: we sang "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" to you on your birthday...this was your song choice over "Happy Birthday"

Maternity photos above by the very talented: Lyndsey of Jack & Lola Photography....the other shots were done by Mommy at the Pumpkin Patch and school photos (yes I did bribe to get those school photo smiles!)

Happy 2016

Another year upon us...and what a year it has been! Such a whirlwind...and I look back and wonder how it happened so fast. I now have a one year old...a toddling, talkative, opinionated, fiery, cuddly, beautiful little toddler that has my heart wrapped around her little finger like you wouldn't believe. I found this year to be pretty amazing, I have learned so a Mom, as a wife, as a photographer and just as a person. Balancing has become the hardest part and giving to each moment my full. As I close the door to 2015 and open 2016 I'm excited and yet a little nostalgic. I already look at photos of my daughter and can't believe how much she has grown, it tugs at your heart a bit when you just want your baby to be a baby forever but at the same time have so much eagerness to see what the future holds and who they are going to be. Here's to 2016 and I enter with the resolution of patience and presence. 

This was our Christmas Card from this year

This was our Christmas Card from this year