Baby's First Friend

They say your dog is your best friend and its true until a little tiny human wiggles their way into your heart and your fur baby just knows there is a new baby in town. We have two pups and before my daughter was born I felt bad that they soon were going to be replaced by a new baby. I worried that they would feel left out or wonder what had happened to the love we once had for them. But a strange thing happened when we brought her home from the hospital...they looked at her and just knew she belonged. They just got it - they knew she was one of us and that they were going to protect this little babe just like we were. Animals are so instinctive sometimes its crazy. This little fur baby is going to do the same thing for this little girl - he is going to protect her and be her first best friend. I feel so lucky to do what I do and capture sweet new beginnings, especially for friends...I have seen these two fall in love, add a fur baby to their life and now a little real baby girl. Life is so grand, and I can't wait to see what this next adventure looks like - because we know adventures will be happening! I see lots of bikes with dogs and babies riding in them!