spilling over love

Another cloudy, almost rainy day here in S. San Francisco, but something about all these babies just makes it ok to be inside & cozy. Brings me back to the newborn days with my daughter...the days we refer to as the "great blur" --- those sleepless nights, followed by dazed days. They are easy forgotten but somehow forever etched in your memory. I love that I get to document these very blurry days for my clients, and these are some of my all time favorites. Lizzie and Juan I met about three years ago when I photographed the beginning of their love story on the grass at Crissy Field. Fast forward through their sweet wedding and to now welcoming this little girl into their lives. They have an amazing love for one another and no doubt it is spilling over to this baby girl. What great adventures in-between those sleepless nights are yet to come for them. Thank you for having me into your home during these first precious weeks to capture more of your love story.