the most romantic - City Club Wedding Anniversary - {San Francisco Wedding Photographer}

I meant to post this on Valentines Day because what is more romantic then this gesture of love - but I had my hands full with an adorable one year old because her mommy went into labor early! But I'm so excited to post these photos of our friends on their 2 year anniversary. Kevin and Diana were married in 2011 at the City Club in San Francisco and as many weddings days do it went by way too quickly. They really didn't have a ton of time either since it was a November wedding (which means the sun sets super early) and it rained so therefore for the last two years I've heard in a sad little voice Diana always say how she wanted more wedding pics and they didn't get enough of the two of them. Kevin too heard this sad little voice and did the most romantic, most thoughtful and most loving thing for his sweet wife - he got together his favorite makeup and hair artist and favorite photographer and we surprised Diana at the City Club all ready to give her a makeover and photos. Not to forget to mention that her wedding dress was laid out next to his wedding suit when she first walked in the room. I couldn't tell who was happier - Diana smiling from ear to ear or me smiling from ear to ear! When I came home later that night my husband said he should thank Kevin for not only making Diana so happy but also his wife!