Sweet Roo! - San Mateo, CA - {San Mateo Family Photographer}

I fell in love with this little guy - Andrew, that Mom and Dad have nicknamed Roo! He was so adorable and such a trooper! I didn't think I could get a 2 month old to do the same poses as my newborns but he was the perfect little model and did just that. I had so much fun capturing this family because they were just so so sweet - Mom kept just saying how much she loved him when I told her to talk to him for the photos and Dad just cuddled right up next to them. They were both so sweet and so very happy to have this little guy and each other!  Not to mention hello gorgeous light...their house had the best natural light - all white walls and pretty floors - perfect for those bucket and bowl shots. Thank you guys so much and I look forward to seeing you again as Roo grows!