Singapore City Gallery - {Singapore Wedding Photographer}

My photo is going to be in a Gallery in Singapore! I did two bridal shoots when I was in Singapore with this fantastic photographer, Yu Hsin of TinyDot Photography, and somehow someone found one of my photos and asked if they could put it to the Singapore City Gallery. The exhibit tells the story of how Singapore prepares and delivers its urban plans, transforming the city, keeping pace with phenomenal and yet be truly a most liveable city and home. It also educates the local community about urban planning and conservation and the importance of ensuring an optimum use of land for home, work and play in land-scarce Singapore. With more than 1,600 sqm of permanent exhibits, the Gallery presents the journey of Singapore from past to present and the projection to the future in an informative and entertaining way. Almost tempted to jump on a plane to go back to visit - the chicken rice would be well worth the trip!

Here is the photo that is on display!