Kari and Nick Engaged! Crissy Field / Gold Alley / Barrique Wine Bar - {San Francisco Wedding Photographer}

I can't decide who was laughing harder through this adorable engagement session - me or Kari! I know Nick was just humoring the both of us. But look how adoringly Nick looks at Kari, she said thats when she knew he really loved her - she could be her fun crazy self around him and he would just smile back at her. So sweet! I had so much fun with these two college sweethearts who are getting married next summer at the very sweet yet hip, El Dorado Hotel in downtown Sonoma. We started the evening at Crissy Field and then on to Gold alleyway and ending the evening at Barrique Wine Bar. In between all the laughs we had a bit of an adventure of trespassing and even getting a cool education on wine at the end of the night! Barrique is a bit of a unique wine bar, in that it doesn't serve bottles - just barrels! For your wedding you can have your very own barrel of wine with your wedding logo on it - how cool is that? Check them out here: Barrique Wine Bar. Thanks again Kari for giving me the best laugh since I've had in a long while and Nick thank you for your very sweet patience.  Enjoy the highlights!