existing for your children - {Bay Area Family Photographer}

I can't believe this little guy is already one year old! I feel like it was just the other day I went over to take some sweet newborn photos of him. Now he is one and his family is in a brand new home, how time just goes by. I recently watched a creativelive seminar with newborn photographer, Kelly Brown, and she was speaking on the importance of being in photos for your children. Rather to "exist for your children" in photographs. This sort of hit me - how many times do I hear my clients say, oh don't get me in the photos, just the little ones. And I believe I heard the same thing from this beautiful, sweet Mom, "just focus on him," don't get me. I'm so glad I didn't completely listen to her - look at that photo of her and her little man together...and you know no matter how bad you "feel" like you look, you always look beautiful to your children, and he will look back on this photo of him and Mom and just cherish it, he won't someday think, Mom I really wish you were a little skinnier. He will just think of the memories. So I will continue to convince parents  to be in photos with their kids. Thank you for trusting me and existing for your little guy in these shots - YOU are gorgeous!