Blueblood and JennaBeth Photography Collide! - {San Francisco Pet Photography}

My good friend, Alexis has a super awesome company called Blueblood, that has the cutest/hippest things for your pets and their people! They have leashes, collars, beds for pups and now they are starting a new line for kitties too, not to mention their cute totes for the pup/kitty owners! Our two bosties at home sport their collars daily at the dogpark and get loads of woofs and compliments on them and then they get to come home and lay on their luxury bed made by Blueblood. Ah what a dogs life! Here are some highlights from the shoot and if your pup isn't sporting the latest Blueblood trend get on it!! Woof!


The real star of the shoot - *Gretel* who the Blueblood logo is designed after!undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined