Letters to Greyson - He's here!

Dear Greyson,

You're here but it feels like you've been here all along. My peaceful, sleepy little babe with every amount of sweetness and perfection. I'm so in love with you and so is your Daddoo and big sis. Emma cannot steal enough kisses with every chance she gets. She asked if she could put you in her baby stroller when we brought you home - don't worry I told her no, but she might just yet if I don't watch her - I'm pretty sure she thinks we brought you home for her. May you both grow to be the best of friends and have a bond that stretches beyond what I ever imagine for you. The night I got to hold both you and my sister in my arms I cried...tears of happiness that you forever will have each other and tears of so much protection, and tears of gratitude - how can I feel so much love for these two little people. 

My days are spent with diapers and negotiations and nursing and cleaning and more diapers and more negotiating but its the in between all of this that there are these moments. Moments of love, pure sweetness and a littleness that will only be there for so long. The holidays are always a special time, but this holiday there is extra. An extra bit of love - watching Emma and Daddoo bond and the patience he has will always surpass & humble me, and make me love him harder. *Babies give me a big crush on my husband*. The sleepless nights of bonding with this new babe and a calmness that he brings to our family I will now and always cherish.

I will forever remember you coming into this world, we had a house full of people (as usual) and had just had Thanksgiving dinner and pumpkin pie and then we headed to the hospital.  Your delivery was 12 hours and again your Daddoo, Grammy and PopPop were there for your birth, along with Auntie Diana. Emma came later in the day to meet you - I have never seen her more happy to finally have a "baby brother." We have talked about you for nine months and she still calls you "baby brother" even now that you're here with a name. You will forever be her baby brother. Greyson, you just have such a gentle presence to you...may you keep this always. I can't wait to see you grow and how you will be, I can't get enough of how still you make my heart. Love you sweet boy.

xoxo Mommy