Pamela and Steven Wedding - Union Hill Inn Wedding

Pam god damn! That is what the groom put into his phone when he first met his bride to be, so whenever she called this is what popped up. I loved this story - it actually made me burst out loud into a laugh when he gave his toast. I love when grooms say a little something to their new wife on wedding days - it just sort of makes you tingle all over with love. Union Hill Inn was nothing short of spectacular even when you do come down with the flu the day before you're about to shoot a wedding (Full disclosure!) I picked up my flu self and shot away because this bride and groom were too adorable together and this wedding was going to be too gorgeous and their bridal party was going to be too I rallied. It was an epic day and it was all of the above and beyond. Pam and Steven thank you for having me be a part of your day! 

Emily - thank you, thank you for shooting and driving and being my right arm at this wedding! You're amazing. 

And had the pleasure of working with these awesome vendors:

Venue: Union Hill Inn / Wedding Dress: Sophia Tolli/ Bride's Hairstylist and Makeup: Hair and Makeup Company / Florist: Sarah's Garden / Coordinator: Terri Neher - Events Extraordinaire  / Caterer: Chef Russ The Hidden Table / Cake: Nicole Roe / Videography: IQ Video / DJ: Optimum Entertainment