Letters to Emmalyn - You're two!

Dear Emma,

You are two...where did my baby go!? You are so big and so little all at the same time. I can't believe all you have accomplished in these two short years, it is incredible. Watching you grow has been my greatest joy. You have gone from a tiny little babe to a walking, running, dancing, talking, and singing little lady.  You are a serious a lot but when that smile beams it sure beams bright. You have big feelings, big opinions of what you want to do (not surprising since you come from a long line of strong women) and a big voice. I hear you my girl, I hear you...I hear you belting the birthday song from your belly, I hear you running after the dogs saying "no barking at lady Frankie", I hear you in the morning saying "wake up Mommy, wake up Dadoo, wake up sun." I hear you when you are silent too with that thumb in your mouth and reaching your little hands up in the air saying "hold you Mommy." I want to hold on to this age forever...but I know its only mine for a short time. Thank you for choosing me as your Mommy, I would choose you everyday over and over a million times.

I love you baby girl, Happy 2nd Birthday xoxo Mommy

Two year old fun facts: 1. What you love the most right now: Your baby dolls (strollering them, changing them, singing to them), your purse (or Grammy's purse), reading, singing. 2. Favorite food right now: you would live off bread & cheese if I let you. 3. Your favorite saying right now: "sit down Mommy" - I hear this all day long. 4. Favorite color: Every color is blue when we ask you 5. You are 27lbs and 35in high. 6. Favorite song: Wheels on the bus, E-i-e-i-o, Happy birthday