An easy & enchanting story - Presidio and Baker Beach Engagement Session

The Presidio is such an enchanting place and this is a word that can describe a location and love story all at the same time. I went to high-school with this bride to be and it wasn't until a few years ago (when I started photographing all of her family members & friends weddings!) that we came back into contact and I remember at one of those weddings she brought a date. And a date that she was smitten with, and she just smiled at me and said, its nice when things are just easy with a person. I remember feeling the same way with my husband, I couldn't believe dating someone could be easy. In all my years of dating it was never described as easy...amazing that it just takes the right person, wanting the same things, and being able to just be together in the simplest way. There are too many other things in life that are difficult and love should not be one of those things. Thank you for allowing me a glimpse into your enchanting story and I can't wait for August in Los Angeles.