Tania and Abe Wedding - Saratoga Springs

This couple and their magnetic energy...I loved everything about the two of them and their day. When everyone is helping to bring a wedding to life it brings so much more love to the day. Tania's mom & aunts made all the flowers, Abe's family did the dessert bar, all the decorations were done by the bride and her family and friends and there were puppies, kids and performers - what a day and what a community! Tania and Abe - thank you for having us capture your beautiful day and your beautiful chemistry with one another..."all you need is love."

Emily - thank you for continuing to make wedding magic! You're the best 2nd!

Venue: Saratoga Springs / Bride Hairstylist: Kim Merrill/ Bridesmaids Dresses: Etsy / / Florist & Decor: DIY by bride, mom and aunts / Lighting: Enhanced Lighting / DJ: DJ Alex