Introducing Quinlan

Such a little beauty! I had the pleasure of meeting her right before Christmas and although she didn't get sleepy in the three hours I was there we were able to get very awake and calm photos of her. I photographed her Mommy and Daddy's wedding about a year ago in Tahoe, and now she is here for their next amazing adventure together. I have a whole new level of understanding when it comes to my newborn sessions now, what a unique time that I come into peoples homes, a time of adjusting, a private time and a time that is just so fragile and new. Sometimes I know my clients and sometimes I'm a complete stranger that they open up their home to me and put their very precious new beginning into my arms. What a complete honor for people to trust me like this. Thank you to all my newborn clients for your trust and for choosing me in this very special new time. And here is gorgeous baby Quinlan: